Deep Sleep

Full Spectrum Night Time Growth Tonic

Deep Sleep

Full Spectrum Night Time Growth Tonic

Experience the next generation of sleep support. Deep Sleep's new, cutting-edge formula combines the power of CBD, CBN, and recovery-boosting nutrients for dee. . . See More

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Transformative Sleep for Optimal Recovery


Key Ingredients for Deep, Restorative Sleep

Our premium formula combines the power of CBD, CBN, and essential nutrients
to address your sleeplessness at its core.

Experience the Deep Sleep Difference

Effortless Sleep

Experience the ease of falling asleep quickly, sinking into a state of deep relaxation, and staying asleep throughout the night. Wake up feeling truly rested, like you've finally gotten the sleep your body craves.

Energized & Focused

Wake feeling refreshed with enhanced mental clarity. Conquer your day with renewed energy and focus.

Accelerated Recovery

Wake up stronger, less sore, and ready to hit the gym sooner.

Optimized Overnight Gains

Maximize growth hormone release and enhance muscle growth potential while you rest

Stress Relief & Improved Mood

Experience a sense of calm and inner balance, even when life gets hectic. Feel your mood lift, irritability fade, and a renewed sense of optimism take hold.

A Step Beyond Sleep Juice

‎ Unveil the Power of Deep Sleep, Now Supercharged with CBD & CBN and a Fusion of Potent Ingredients for Peak Recovery, Muscle Growth & reduce anxiety. Transform Your Nights, Elevate Your Days.

All Natural Deep Sleep Inducer

Calm & Relaxation

Neural Sleep Boosters


Frequently Asked Questions

The ingredients in Deep Sleep are well-tolerated by most people. Potential side effects may include mild drowsiness, vivid dreams, or changes in appetite. If you experience any concerning side effects, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

CBD is generally considered safe. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, CBD does not produce a "high" feeling. However, it's important to consult your doctor before using Deep Sleep, especially if you take medication.

Deep Sleep is formulated with natural ingredients designed to promote restful sleep without the lingering drowsiness common with some sleep medications. Most users report waking up feeling refreshed and energized.

While some individuals may experience improved sleep within a few nights, it's important to give Deep Sleep time to work its full potential. Most people see significant benefits within 1-2 weeks of consistent use. Remember, Deep Sleep works best when combined with healthy sleep habits and addressing underlying causes of sleeplessness.

Deep Sleep is not addictive. However, it’s important to address the root causes of your sleep problems in conjunction with using natural sleep aids. Healthy sleep habits, stress management, and addressing underlying health concerns may help reduce reliance on sleep aids long-term.

Yes, Deep Sleep is generally considered safe for women. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women should always consult their doctor before using any new supplements.

It's essential to consult your doctor before using Deep Sleep if you're taking any medications. CBD and certain sleep-supportive ingredients may interact with some medications.

Store Deep Sleep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.