Enhanced Athlete. Backed by Science, Proven by You.

Pioneering Human Performance

SCIENCE – Our formulations team looks at evidence based published research to formulate new products and improve existing formulations.

RESEARCH – Our formulations team is leading the industry in fat oxidation, muscle hypertrophy, and exercise performance research. Our team works directly with nutritionists, clinicians, and scientists in clinical
settings to engineer innovative products that are validated by science.

EDUCATION – Our relationships with prestigious academic institutions give us access to intellectual property, allows us to collaborate with top researchers, and gives us the opportunity to sponsor clinical trials

The Enhanced Formulations Criteria
     √ Industry leading formulations
     √ Research backed ingredients
     √ Clinical and real-world effective dosages
     √ Minimal artificial flavours, colors or sweeteners
     √ Athlete tested. Products we use ourselves are genuinely passionate about

Our Formulations Team
Our formulations team of researchers, scientists, and engineers are outside the box thinkers who are revolutionizing the supplement industry.

- Anthony Hughes ‘Dr. Tony Huge’
Dr. Tony Huge travels the world to discovery new technologies to defy genetics and optimize epigenetics. A bio hacker from the age of 12, Anthony has made influential discoveries that disrupt mainstream thinking. Anthony retired at the age of 33 as the youngest certified business restructure attorney in California, selling his large law firm to fund his scientific experiments and build platforms to educate people on the science of pioneering human performance.
We wanted the world’s best products for ourselves and to share with our friends, so we would never have to settle for mediocre products again.