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Natty+ Stack

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The Natty+ Stack is here to revolutionize the notion of bodybuilding is meant for the extreme anabolic users, this stack and protocol aims to challenge the “Natty or Not” as a naturalness spectrum. Understanding that to achieve and build a physique you can be proud of, without sacrificing your well-being or resorting to extreme measures. 
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Complete natural stack formula to elevate your performance and go beyond physique transformation free from anabolic suppression

The Natty+ Stack is here to revolutionize the notion of bodybuilding is meant for the extreme anabolic users, this stack and protocol aims to challenge the “Natty or Not” as a naturalness spectrum. Understanding that to achieve and build a physique you can be proud of, without sacrificing your well-being or resorting to extreme measures.  

I doubled my testosterone, 15x’ed my growth hormone, and gained significant lean mass in less than a month without steroids, without suppressing my natural hormones, and without sacrificing my health. 

This is the power of the Natty+ Protocol – the supplement regimen designed to maximize your physique and performance while minimizing adverse side effects. 

The Natty+ Protocol has allowed me to achieve a physique that rivals my past dedication to fitness, but with a newfound sense of balance and freedom. I no longer obsess over every calorie or miss out on life's pleasures. And now, I want to share this experience with you.

Connor Murphy Stack Natty +


Blue Ox Test Booster= $45.99

Black Ox Test Booste = $75.99

Phytoturk - Turkesterone = $64.99
TOTAL = $187.00

NOW ONLY $149.00



Blue Ox Test Booster = $45.99

Black Ox Test Booster = $75.99

Phytoturk - Turkesteron = $64.99

Carb-Tech  = $59.99

EAA+ = $39.99

Rage 2.0 = $34.99

SLIN Pills = $45.99

Code Red Fat Burner = $39.99

Arachidonic Acid = $42.99
TOTAL = $375.93

NOW ONLY $338.00



Blue Ox Test Booster = $45.99

Black Ox Test Booster = $75.99

Phytoturk - Turkesteron= $64.99

Carb-Tech  = $59.99

EAA+ = $39.99

Rage 2.0 = $34.99

SLIN Pills = $45.99

Code Red Fat Burner = $39.99

Arachidonic Acid = $42.99

3ad = $89.99
Epimuscle = $42.99
TOTAL = $548.99

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With the Natty+ Stack you can expect remarkable transformations without the negative side effects associated with traditional approaches. Our carefully curated lineup of supplements provides the necessary support to unlock your full potential naturally .Designed to maximize your physique and performance while maintaining the integrity of your natural hormones and overall health. Say goodbye to harmful steroids and extreme measures, and embrace a new approach that combines the best of both worlds.

Total Test Booster Stack

Natural Anabolic Agents

Black Ox is regarded as one of the most potent ever developed. Its groundbreaking formula combines 11 scientifically proven ingredients, naturally increasing testosterone levels and regulating estrogen. This eliminates metabolites that can cause health concerns, ensuring a safe and effective regimen for your needs.

The powerful compounds in Black Ox include DHEA, a vital precursor to multiple hormones in the body. By harnessing these ingredients, Black Ox offers remarkable hormonal optimization. 

In combination with Blue Ox, you fortify your body against testosterone decline and its unwanted effects. Blue Ox contains natural anti-estrogen ingredients that regulate estrogen production, preventing problems such as water retention and gynecomastia all year-round. 

With this Total Test Stack, you can experience a transformative boost in testosterone levels, empowering you to reach new heights of physical performance. These supplements provide a holistic approach to hormonal balance, optimizing your body's natural processes. 


Black Ox is to be used periodically for around a 2-3 month period followed by a 2-3 month recovery to allow the body to recuperate.

Blue Ox can be taken all year round. 

Professional Pre-Workout

Proprietary Amentoflavone Blend

First and only professional-grade pre-workout to have its own proprietary amentoflavone blend, shown to enhance skeletal muscle contraction and improve endurance during exercise. It does this by increasing the availability of calcium ions in muscle cells, which are necessary for muscle contraction.

Scientifically formulated and proven  to increase energy, support strength, and provide insane focus and pumps for each and every one of your workouts. 

Optimal Recovery and Refuel

Muscle Synthesizer

EAA+ is your complete combination of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) with essential amino acids (EAAs), nootropics, trace electrolytes and minerals. About 24 highly effective ingredients to perfectly fuel your muscle all day long.

Each serving of EAA+delivers over 10g of clinically dosed essential amino acids, a nitric oxide blend, non-stimulant nootropic blend, electrolyte blend, B-vitamin blend and a fat oxidation and muscle insulin sensitivity blend.

Natural Adrenal Metabolite & Muscle Building Catalyst

Patented Prohoromonme

Introducing 3-AD, a powerful supplement for muscle building. Featuring 20mg of the patented 3-AD prohormone, it aims to increase muscle strength, size, and aid in weight loss. Supported by proper nutrition and resistance training, it may optimize and accelerate desired results. 3-AD is more than just a supplement—it's a potential catalyst for achieving your muscle-building goals. Its strong enough to be used on its own to achieve lean, clean gains, but also versatile enough to stack with your favorite other compounds!

Carb Disposal Agent

Fat Reducer

SLIN is every  bodybuilder's dream carb disposal supplement, don’t let your favorite snack get in the way of your goals. Formulated with science backed ingredients that have clinically proven to increase muscle insulin sensitivity, improve performance, increase muscle size and keep unwanted body fat away. 

This ensures that every training session you do, will NOT be put to waste. You'll be able to maximize muscle growth while keeping your physique the way you want it to be... Meaning you'll lose more fat as carbs are used in your muscles

Muscle Builder

Myostatin Inhibitor

Epimuscle is here to revolutionize and unleash your muscular physique, thanks to its bioactive flavanol ingredient Epicatechin. Its incredible ability to boost follistatin levels allows muscle cells to attach to and block myostatin, or the protein that limits muscle growth.

Boost Workout Performance 

Workout Enhancer

Carb-Tech is your ultimate workout supplement to fuel your performance, recovery, increase muscle building and reduce soreness. 

You only need 6 words to truly understand the power of Carb-Tech...More Reps, Better Workouts, Faster Recovery!

Hard To Burn Fat Areas

Fat Storage Inhibitor 

Introducing PhytoTurk, a cutting-edge natural supplement that harnesses the power of Turkesterone, derived from Ajuga turkestanica—a plant with a long history in traditional medicine. PhytoTurk offers a range of potential benefits, including anabolic support, adaptogenic properties, hepatoprotection, and hypoglycemic activity, thanks to its resemblance to the stero*d hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that individuals engaging in resistance training and taking a mere 12mg of Turkesterone daily for 10 weeks experienced remarkable improvements in hypertrophy and strength, outperforming those on a placebo. Each capsule of PhytoTurk provides a potent 500mg extract, standardized to contain 10% Turkesterone, ensuring optimal effectiveness. Elevate your fitness journey with PhytoTurk—a natural supplement with promising potential for muscle growth and overall performance.

Potent Fat Burner

Fat Loss Accelerator

Functioning as an alpha-2 antagonist, Alpha Yohimbine inhibits stimulation of alpha-2 receptors, leading to increased release of norepinephrine and preventing the formation of new fat tissue in the body. It specifically targets stubborn areas of fat accumulation, such as the abdominal region in men and the glutes and thighs in women, where alpha-2 receptors are typically found.

In addition to its fat-targeting properties, Alpha Yohimbine offers additional benefits. Research suggests that it can elevate mood by acting as an agonist of 5-HT1a/b receptors, inducing serotonin-like effects. Many users also report a significant boost in libido when supplementing with alpha yohimbine.

Unlock the potential of Alpha Yohimbine and experience its multifaceted benefits. Enhance your fat loss journey, elevate mood, boost libido, and manage appetite with this powerful supplement. Alpha Yohimbine: your comprehensive solution for targeted fat reduction and overall well-being.

The Connor Murphy Natty+ Protocol Experience

"Let me share my incredible transformation with you. In less than a month, I achieved remarkable results without resorting to steroids or compromising my health. The secret? The Natty+ Protocol, a groundbreaking supplement regimen designed to maximize your physique and performance while minimizing side effects.

For years, I believed in the false dichotomy of being either 'natty' or 'not.' I followed strict, unhealthy behaviors, obsessively counting calories and sacrificing my metabolism and hormones to maintain single-digit body fat. But I refused to cross the line into unnatural substances, fearing the consequences and the toll it would take on my well-being.

I realized that what truly matters is building a physique I can be proud of, while remaining healthy and feeling great. That's why I created the Natty+ Protocol—a regimen that includes supplements that may be considered unnatural.”

These supplements, which I've carefully selected, have not only improved my metabolic health, but they've also given me more energy, motivation, drive, and enhanced cognitive functioning. Importantly, they don't suppress my natural hormones, so if I decide to stop taking them, my body simply returns to its baseline, unlike the crash experienced with traditional harmful methods.

 — Connor Murphy 

Natty+ Stack Protocol Activist 


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