We Have Some Big News At Enhanced: Big Ron has Joined the Team: Announcement, Interview, Meet and Greet, and More! || (October 2023)

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Why We Choose Big Ron

It is no secret that here at Enhanced we pride ourselves on high quality supplements, but supplements are not the only things that we are obsessed with making sure are the highest quality.  


We also aim to bring on athletes that really represent the Enhanced Labs brand and mission.  Athletes that spread the word of health and fitness in positive ways to their audience.


With all the many personalities in the fitness industry it can be difficult to find people who represent our mission.  Lucky for us though we found Big Ron.


Big Ron is a high level bodybuilder with an amazing physique whose knowledge and reach has helped to better the lives of thousands of people through his social media and coaching. Unlike all the fake in the fitness industry Big Ron keeps it real.


Who is Big Ron?

Big Ron is a social media personality and trainer who has helped to change the lives of thousands.

Big Ron not only is an extremely educated coach who has made some unreal transformations for his clients, but he is also a motivator, oftentimes motivating his 300k+ followers to be the best versions of themselves and never strive for average.


On top of that Big Ron is also positive and promotes a positive message of health, wellness, and fitness


Big Ron is also not called Big Ron for nothing.  He truly has one of the best natural physiques in the whole world.  


A physique that has been achieved through years of consistency, hard work, and grit.  Not only does Big Ron talk the talk but he also walks the walk.



What Big Ron Thinks About Our Products

We asked Big Ron about some of our products and this is what he had to say


Big Ron On EAAs

“So what they do is help your body with recovery, that soreness after your workout you feel helps with that.  Take an amino acid if you want to enhance your recovery and build muscle mass”


Big Ron on Creatine

“It will enhance your performance yet it is legal.  It has no impact on your hormones that means everyone can use it including men and women.  Look into it cause it will change the trajectory of your fitness career”

Big Ron on Rage 2.0

“What does a pre workout do facilitates an even better workout.  It is all about muscular endurance, and the intensity you come to the gym with”  Some endurance and a nice little jolt out the gate you will be on 10 from beginning to the end, a good solid pre workout”

Big Ron on Whey Protein

“Consuming enough protein can be difficult, this is why we use protein shakes.  While protein can hurt your stomach, not all proteins are created equal.  Start with a whey protein isolate that way the typical milk sugar and lactose found in most whey’s are not in it.  In fact I know one right now from enhanced labs that is a more juice-like protein that is not milk based and may irritate your stomach. 

Our Plans with Big Ron

Together with Big Ron's reach and knowledge on training we want to set Big Ron up with the healthiest, highest quality, and most effective supplements on the market to help him, his clients, and his audience reach their goals. 

Together through trial and error we plan to develop supplements and supplement stacks that are tried and tested by Big Ron himself that can help change lives.

Here at Enhanced we do not simply believe in just having athletes, but we believe in having athletes that are involved, and that is exactly what we want to have with Big Ron.  He is fully involved in the supplement process. 

Stay on the lookout for the Big Ron Essentials which are 3 hand chosen supplements by Big Ron himself that he feels are personally the best for those looking to achieve their goals.



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