Enhanced Labs Biggest Sale Of the Year: Black Friday Bonanza! Up to 60 Percent Off Select Products (November 2023)

Welcome to Enhanced Labs' Black Friday Bonanza – the most anticipated sale of the year! Get ready for jaw-dropping discounts on our premium products. Here's a sneak peek into what you can save on this Black Friday, along with some exclusive offers you won't want to miss!

What Will Be Discounted During the Black Friday Sale?

Prepare yourself for incredible savings on a variety of top-notch products! Unlock these exclusive discounts by using the code BFCM2023 at checkout.

This Black Friday, enjoy up to 60 percent off on some of our best-selling products! Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you:

Genius 2.0 – 40 Percent Off!

Elevate your cognitive function with Genius 2.0, our potent nootropic. Save 40 percent on this brain-boosting powerhouse designed to enhance productivity, memory consolidation, and overall cognitive function. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to efficient work sessions!

Slin Pills – 25 Percent Off!

Optimize your muscle-building journey with Slin Pills, our premier glucose disposal agent. Enjoy a 25 percent discount on this essential fitness supplement that upregulates nutrient partitioning, ensuring your carbs fuel your muscles, not your waistline!

Black Ox – 10 Percent Off!

Revitalize your testosterone levels with Black Ox, our superstar test booster. Save 10 percent and say farewell to low testosterone-related issues. Reclaim your vitality and feel like you're in your prime!


Clear Whey – 30 Percent Off!

Indulge in the deliciousness of Clear Whey, our refreshing protein blend. Save 30 percent on this light, easily digestible protein perfect for fruit smoothies, poolside drinks, and more. Upgrade your protein experience without the GI distress!


3AD – 20 Percent Off!

Unlock 20 percent savings on 3AD, our powerful muscle builder and prohormone. Experience increased testosterone levels, heightened sex drive, and improved gym performance without the worry of harmful side effects.


Rage 2.0 – 20 Percent Off!

Maximize your workouts with Rage 2.0, our all-in-one pre-workout solution. Unlike other pre-workouts, Rage 2.0 offers muscle-building benefits, nootropics for enhanced focus, pumps, and clean energy. Elevate your gym sessions with this cutting-edge pre-workout!


Code Red – 50 Percent Off!

Achieve your fat loss goals with Code Red, our best-selling fat burner. Enjoy an impressive 50 percent discount on this potent formula featuring ingredients like bitter orange, choline, theobromine, and cocoa. Say hello to a leaner, more energized you!

Omega 3 – 60 Percent Off!

Prioritize your health with Omega 3, now at a whopping 60 percent off. Support heart health, reduce inflammation, and protect your brain with this essential supplement. Invest in your well-being at an unbeatable price!

Yohimbine – 60 Percent Off!

Unleash the power of Yohimbine, the strongest single-ingredient fat burner on the market, now at 60 percent off. Combine it with fasted cardio for maximum results. Boost fat burning and enhance bedroom performance with this well-rounded supplement!


Health 3 and 1 – 40 Percent Off!

Prepare for cold and flu season with Health 3 and 1. Save 40 percent on this blend of digestive enzymes, immune-boosting ingredients, and probiotics. Safeguard your health at a fantastic price!


Enhanced Multi – 30 Percent Off!

Ensure your body gets the essential vitamins and minerals it needs with Enhanced Multi. Save 30 percent on this unique multivitamin, enriched with adaptogenic ingredients like Ashwagandha to help you tackle everyday stress.


EAA – 30 Percent Off!

Fuel your recovery with our EAAs, now at a 30 percent discount. Provide your body with the building blocks it craves for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Plus, enjoy a delicious post-workout drink that refreshes and refuels!


As a token of our gratitude, we're thrilled to offer you these incredible Black Friday discounts. Thank you for being part of the Enhanced family this year!


And don't forget to explore our newest addition – delicious, macro-friendly protein pancakes. Add them to your cart and make this Black Friday even sweeter!


Happy Black Friday from all of us here at Enhanced! Enjoy the savings and elevate your wellness journey!