Enhanced Labs Biggest Sale Of the Year: Halloween Sale! Up to 60 percent Off Select Products

In the article we will go over

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What Will Be Discounted During the Halloween Sale?

This year you can expect some amazing savings on a multitude of products! Here they are! Use the code Halloween23 to save!


We do not just have a few products marked down, but instead we have up to 60 percent off some of our top products!

Genius 2.0 40 Percent Off!

Save 40 percent on our powerful nootropic and cognitive enhancing product Genius 2.0.


 Genius 2.0 is designed to boost productivity, dopamine, memory consolidation, and overall cognitive function to turn you into a genius!


Gone are the days where you struggle to focus on getting your tasks done and welcome to the days where you can have clean energy, and efficient work sessions


Slin Pills 25 percent Off

Slin Pills are our premier glucose disposal agent designed to help you build muscle and lose fat.  


Black Ox 10 Percent Off

Save 10% on our superstar test booster Black Ox! 


Low Test levels in men have become a major issue in today's world.  Leading to lack of drive, poor bedroom performance, and poor muscle building.  

Say goodbye to low test levels and say hello to feeling like you are in your 20s again!


Slin Pills help to upregulate nutrient partitioning and drive the carbs you eat straight to the muscle ensuring they do not become fat!  


This is a must have for all fitness enthusiasts who are bulking and or cutting!


Clear Whey 30% Off

Clear Whey is our new delicious and refreshing protein that is smooth, light and easily digestible.  


It is perfect for fruit smoothies, drinks by the pool, and whatever other fruity concoctions your heart desires!


Gone are the days where you have to drink thick, sludgy protein drinks that cause GI distress.  Save 30% on this amazing product 


3AD 20% Off

Next you can save 20 percent on our powerful muscle builder and prohormone 3AD! 


3AD is an adrenal metabolite that converts into testosterone that helps to increase test levels in the body.  


From this you can expect a surge in sex drive, increased muscle gains, increased aggression in the gym, and better pumps and fullness.  


Gone are the days of toxic prohormones and in are the days of prohormones that you can use without having to worry about being sent to the hospital.


Rage 2.0 20% Off

Rage 2.0 is our fully loaded pre workout.  


Unlike other pre workouts on the market our pre workout does it all. 


From muscle building, to nootropics, to pump, to clean energy without a crash, our pre workout is perfectly versatile for everyone and anyone who is looking for a boost in the gym. 


Stop relying on pre workouts that are just caffeine and check out our cutting edge pre workout Rage 2.0!


Code Red 50% Off

Code Red, one of our best selling fat burners will be a full 50 percent off yes you heard that right 50 percent off.


 Code Red offers a whole host of fat burning ingredients that make it one of the best fat burners on the market today.  


It is centered around the ingredients Bitter orange (synephrine) which is one of the most potent fat burners around! 


 It also features amazing ingredients like choline, theobromine, and cocoa which all work together to get rid of the most stubborn body fat!


Omega 3 60% Off

Everyone should be taking their Omega 3s! This is why we decided to do a whopping 60 percent off for this incredible health supplement. 

Omega 3s help to promote heart health, decrease, inflammation, protect the brain and more!  Truly when you take Omega 3s you are helping to set your body up for success!


Yohimbine 60% Off

Yohimbine, which is arguably the strongest single ingredient fat burner on the market will always be 60 percent off this year!


Pair it with 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning and watch the magic happen!


Yohimbine has been shown in studies to be a potent fat burner and to increase bedroom performance and satisfaction for males!


It truly is an extremely well rounded supplement that can be used by all for amazing fat burning!


Health 3 and 1 40% Off

With the cold and flu season just around the corner check out Health 3 and 1.

Health 3 and 1 provides you with a great blend of digestive enzymes, immune system boosting ingredients, and probiotics designed to optimize your health. 


Let's face it.  No one likes being sick and with Health 3 and 1 at 40 percent off you can protect yourself from cold and flu season and do it at a great price!


Enhanced Multi 30% Off

Our multivitamin features a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals for the body to properly function.

Vitamin deficiency is a major issue in America today and when you take Enhanced Multi you can be sure to check all your vitamin boxes.


Enhanced multi is a unique multi vitamin also in the sense that it delivers adaptogenic ingredients like Ashwagandha designed to help you deal with the stresses of everyday life.


EAA 30% Off

Finally our EAAs will be 30 percent off.  EAAs are an incredible supplement for those that are struggling to build muscle and recover in the gym.


By using EAAs you are giving your body the proper building blocks for recovery and muscle building that will take your physique to the next level. 


Not only that but our EAAs make for a delicious tasting post workout drink that is extremely refreshing!



With that being said we want to thank you for being a customer here at Enhanced this year by offering you this amazing Halloween discount sale!


Do not forget we also have some delicious, mouth watering, and macro friendly protein pancakes that have just dropped so do not hesitate to add some to your cart! 


Happy Halloween from all of us here at Enhanced and enjoy the savings!

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