How the Supplement Industry Ruined One of The Greatest Supplements (Creatine) and How We Are Bringing it Back!

Greetings Enhanced readers,


Today I wanted to talk about one of the biggest mistakes that the supplement industry made and that was turning people away from creatine.


Creatine is an amazing supplement that can boost your body, brain, and overall health. Not only does it lead to better muscle gains and better brain function but it is also dirt cheap. This led many young teenagers and lifters to run to GNC and get some creatine.


In fact in the world of bodybuilding it is almost a rite of passage to go through the process of. Trying to convince your parents it is not steroids, then having to talk to your doctor, then finally starting creatine and seeing the most amazing effects.


You may wonder how the supplement industry ruined this perfectly good supplement. Here is how. They started trying to complicate it. They started trying to release new forms of creatine and while some were great and better for absorption and mixability most were just expensive ways for customers to hand over money to the shop.


In fact you have probably seen a supplement brand you follow releasing a new creatine with some fancy name claiming it is ten times more effective then regular monohydrate.


Lucky here at Enhanced we understand the struggle, we understand being that kid begging your mom for creatine.


With that we brought back an original but did it amazing. That original we brought back was creatine monohydrate. Not only did we bring it back but we brought with it amazing mouth watering flavors like mango monster that for me taste good to the point where I'd drink them even if there was no creatine.


We also aimed to make our product affordable and source our creatine from a top notch source that has been properly vetted. So no more paying an extra $60 for some creatine that works just the same as monohydrate.


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