The Cleanest & Purest Protein Ever Made: Discover iO Clear Whey!


Whey protein has been around since the 1930s. Initially overlooked, its demand skyrocketed during World War II due to the need for non-perishable goods.


Since then, whey protein has emerged as a leading supplement choice for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes. Its rich protein content fuels training, performance, and overall dietary needs.



Fast Forward To Today…


It’s been decades since and now hundreds of brands are flooding the market showing all sorts of gimmicks, methods and style in selling their whey protein. 


Whey protein is undoubtedly the highest quality, most convenient source of protein available. Packed with essential amino acids, it's also easier to digest than consuming large quantities of food.


That’s why here at Enhanced Labs, our passion for innovation and exceeding expectations is more than what simply meets the eye. 


None other than in the form of iO Clear Whey! Our latest take in the realm of optimal protein nourishment, all backed by science.


Not Your Ordinary Whey Isolate



Enhanced Labs take pride in crafting products that work to their best potential. From the very source, we integrate iO (Ingredient Optimized Whey) to make each serving highly bioavailable, easy to mix, and lactose-free. 


This represents a step forward in whey protein R&D, offering a convenient and effective solution to meet the muscle nourishment needs of a wider range of people.


  • Plasma Filtered Protein: Improves and reshapes the very protein molecule to be highly bioavailable and long lasting both intra and post-workout
  • Best Value In Every Scoop: Each serving ensures that no protein goes to waste over 123% INCREASED EAA MADE TO ABSORB!
  • Better than Hydrolyzed & Standard Whey: iO lasts longer in the body, providing a steady protein spike for optimal recovery.



Why People Choose iO Clear Whey.


iO Clear Whey is slowly catching the attention of people that places a value in optimal nourishment, for the sole reason that you actually get more in each serving of iO compared to standard whey, hydrolyzed and even other isolates. 

100% Transparency to its formula, check it out yourself… 



The best part?


iO Clear Whey is just 100 calories and boasts 24 grams of protein, entirely zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero fat! It comes in two delicious flavors: Citrus Twist and Watermelon — both naturally flavored and sweetened. 

I highly recommend iO Clear Whey especially those who are into endurance or long duration training. It delivers a refreshing burst of energy and is so smooth you'll forget you're drinking a protein shake. Enjoy it after a tough workout – it'll not only cool you down but also aid in muscle recovery. (1, 2,)


iO Clear Whey stands as a superior and innovative choice, providing optimal protein completely free from fat, carbs, sugar, and any artificial junk. It's pure, clean, and 100% naturally flavored and sourced protein, without compromising on taste and texture. 


Backed by science and designed for gym-goers and athletes alike, it's formulated to rank as the best protein we've ever made. Ensuring that it competes with any whey protein, whether it's whey isolate, concentrate, or hydrolyzed, to deliver maximum muscle recovery and improve overall physical performance.

iO Clear Whey is definitely the clear protein choice you need to try! 

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