The Newest Whey Protein Alternative is Here! Clear Whey! || July 2023


In this Article you will learn

- What clear whey is

- The process to make it

- Why it's better than whey

- Issues with standard whey

- How to best use this whey And much more!

What is Clear Whey?

Clear whey protein is often derived from whey protein isolate, which is a highly purified form of whey protein. Whey protein is a complete protein source that contains all nine essential amino acids necessary for optimal muscle recovery, growth, and repair.

It is extracted from milk during the cheese-making process and then further processed to remove most of the lactose, fat, and carbohydrates, resulting in a highly concentrated protein powder.


How Clear Whey is Processed

The production process of clear whey protein involves advanced filtration techniques, such as microfiltration or cross-flow filtration, to obtain a pure protein powder with a low fat and carbohydrate content.


This filtration process removes impurities and excess fats, resulting in a cleaner and more refined protein product.




What does Clear Whey Taste Like?

Clear whey protein is typically flavored and comes in various delicious flavors, such as fruit-infused options like strawberry, peach, or lemonade.


These flavors contribute to the refreshing and enjoyable taste of clear whey protein drinks. Some brands also offer unflavored options, allowing users to customize their beverages by adding their preferred flavorings or using it as an ingredient in recipes.


Issues with Standard Whey Protein

It would be hypocritical of me to say that regular whey protein is all bad and has no use. I have used it extensively over my whole bodybuilding journey. But it does have some shortcomings that do not make it suitable for people.


To Heavy and Filling

Standard whey protein powders often have a thick and creamy consistency, which can make them feel heavy and filling when consumed.


While some individuals may enjoy this texture, others may find it uncomfortable or overly satiating, especially when using whey protein as a snack or incorporating it into recipes.



This heaviness can affect the overall enjoyment and versatility of standard whey protein.


Poor Mixibility

Another issue commonly associated with standard whey protein is its mixability. Depending on the brand and formulation, some whey protein powders may be challenging to dissolve completely in liquid, resulting in clumps or residue.


This can be frustrating for individuals who prefer a smooth and seamless protein drink. Additionally, the residue left behind after consumption may require extra effort to clean, especially in shaker bottles or blender cups.





While many standard whey protein powders come in a variety of flavors, taste preferences can vary significantly among individuals. Some may find the artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or aftertastes of certain whey protein products undesirable.

This limited flavor profile can lead to dissatisfaction or make it difficult for individuals to find a flavor they genuinely enjoy.


Why is Clear Whey More Popular than Regular Whey

Clear whey is gaining more popularity then whey let's take a look why, and how clear whey can address some of the shortcomings found with standard whey.



Clear whey protein has gained popularity due to its unique characteristics and benefits. Its transparency and light texture make it an appealing choice for individuals who prefer a refreshing and less heavy protein drink.


It is especially popular among those who engage in sports or exercise activities where a quick and easily digestible protein source is desired.



Furthermore, clear whey protein is often marketed as having a superior mixability compared to traditional protein powders.


It tends to dissolve more easily and leaves behind minimal residue or clumps when mixed with water or other liquids.


This ease of mixing makes it convenient for on-the-go consumption, allowing individuals to quickly prepare a protein drink without the need for a blender or shaker bottle.



In terms of nutritional content, clear whey protein typically provides a high concentration of protein per serving while containing minimal amounts of fat, lactose, and carbohydrates.


It can vary among brands and flavors, so it's essential to check the product label for specific nutritional information.


How to Best Use Clear Whey

Due to its clear wheys nature it is much lighter on the body and easier to digest. It means that it can be used more versatility then its standard whey counterpart.

Before I had to deal with the standard fullness and indigestion that came with using standard whey protein which meant I could only use it at certain parts of the day. If I took it pre workout I would be too full and bloated.


If I tried to use it before bed I would feel too full to sleep.

Clear whey is so light and digestible I can drink it during even the most intense workouts without issue, which I love.


My favorite is to use clear whey as part of a pre workout meal, because of how light and nutritious it is. It gives me awesome energy and recovery when I use it around my workouts allowing for tons of muscle gain.

I also love using it pre bed as it is super easy to digest and does not disrupt my sleep like other heavy meals do.


Where to Find Top Notch Clear Whey

Here at Enhanced we saw a major opportunity to really create an amazing clear whey product. While there is clear whey on the market it is still new meaning that alot of it on the market is either overly priced, or flavored poorly.


We wanted to create a top quality highly filtered and pure clear whey that also tastes amazing and is super budget friendly.


You can find this under the products tab on our website!


While whey protein is an amazing thing and super useful for fast and on the go protein it is not optimal for everyone.


Standard whey can be harder to digest, thicker, and much more filling then clear whey.


Clear whey is an amazing alternative that is much lighter and easier to digest allowing for more versatile usage, and a more pleasant protein drinking experience.


Cleary whey also tastes amazing and has some great refreshing fruity flavors that make it perfect for summer.

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