The Workout Fuel You Never Knew You Needed!

Working out means different things to different people, especially in terms of physical fitness.

Depending on your goals and sport, a workout could be a quick bicep pump or a long session for a marathon runner aiming to beat their personal record.

As competitors in our own right, we strive to improve our training to help us achieve our goals while also minimizing or overcoming any physical setbacks such as burnout, fatigue, or injuries. For athletes, gaining any advantage, no matter how slight, can be the difference between winning and losing.

That’s why Intra Fuel exists! 

Keep reading to discover why this intra-workout supplement could be the game-changer you've needed all along.

What are Intra Workout Supplements?

Intra Workout Supplements, as the name suggests, are dietary supplements intended to provide essential macro and micronutrients to enhance your training regimen.

Think of it as a boost during a workout session that keeps you sustained and feeling confident, overcoming the feeling of hitting a wall. For runners and endurance athletes, that "wall" is no joke!  

It's an indication that glycogen stores, the body’s main energy source, has been depleted and could be a cause of poor nutrition and lack of muscular strength and endurance.  


Discover Intra-Fuel!  


Here at Enhanced Labs, we take pride in working with some of today’s top athletes and bodybuilders, spending years of research in identifying the energy demands during and what works best when they’re at a peak of pre-exhaustion. 


By doing so we’ve even out the formula by making an intra-workout with a blend of over three creatines, complex carbs, fast-acting sugar and hydration boosting trace minerals. 

But before anything else, how much of a NEED is Intra Fuel for you?


  • If you train twice a day 
  • Sweaty training sunder the sun or high humid places 
  • Long workout duration lasting over an hour 
  • Competition day 
  • Training sessions are intense 
  • If your workouts asks you to drink lots of water 


If any of the following applies to you, then Intra Fuel is 100% for you! 


So here’s what to expect: 

More Sets & More Reps In Tank:

  • Sustained Energy: Cluster Dextrin® & Dextrose provides a steady release of energy, ensuring sustained performance and preventing energy crashes. 


This combo keeps you fueled and energized, maintaining peak performance during your workout without sudden crashes.

  • Dominate Every Rep: Electrolytes and Potassium Iodide enhance hydration, focus, and efficient energy utilization, maximizing every workout.
  • L-Taurine & Beta-Alanine: Combat fatigue and let you push more reps.

Science Proven Performance Boost:

  • Tri-Creatine Blend: backed by science to increase strength and ATP (energy) thanks to creatine monohydrate, gluconate and MagnaPower®.
  • Creatine MagnaPower®: A magnesium-infused creatine chelate, it boosts energy metabolism and muscle function, known for its excellent absorption and easing gastric discomfort.

Faster Recovery & Gains:

  • Reduced Soreness & Enhanced Recovery: Bounce back quicker and get ready for the next session.
  • Amplified Muscle Growth: Experience noticeable increases in muscle size and strength. 



Adding an intra-workout supplement is undoubtedly a great option for those looking to maximize their training sessions. On competition days, it provides a sense of assurance that you’re at the peak of your energy game. 

That’s why we recommend Intra Fuel, the mid-workout amplifier you've yet to try! Think of it as having more energy in reserve, fueling you at a cellular level to maintain peak performance levels and keep fatigue at bay.

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