Black Ox

Hardcore Test Enhancer

Black Ox

Hardcore Test Enhancer

Experience Black Ox, the tried-and-true testosterone booster designed to target the most effective natural pathways, improving a wide range of men'. . . See More

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Potent Vitality Boost



Black Ox contains 11 scientifically proven ingredients at full therapeutic dosages to naturally boost testosterone, regulate estrogen, and enhance energy and stamina.


Clinically Dosed & Backed

Scientifically formulated with precise measurements for maximum absorption and strength. Our careful calibration ensures unparalleled potency in every dose.

Increases Testosterone

Featuring 11 synergized ingredients targeting multiple pathways in testosterone production and regulation. Boosts natural synthesis, optimizes free testosterone, and manages estrogen levels.

Innovative Formula

Pioneering testosterone enhancement with a unique blend of powerful precursors like DHEA and DIM, plus essential minerals and traditional ingredients. Creates a synergistic effect for maximum efficacy.

Versatile Vitality

Offers more than just testosterone support. Enhances overall well-being, including cardiovascular health, metabolic efficiency, mental acuity, and mood. Empowers you to face daily challenges with renewed vigor.

Nature’s Best

Premium natural supplementation using Earth's finest ingredients. Sustainably sourced, rigorously selected for purity and potency. Free from artificial additives, aligning with your body's natural processes.

Trusted By Men

Approved by thousands as their top choice for a powerful, effective testosterone booster, delivering exceptional results.


‎ Unlock what it truly means to be Better Than Natural. There’s no better way to experience this than with Black Ox’s powerful formula, scientifically geared and formulated to unleash your true potential, free from nature's limitations.

Multi-Path T-Boost

Male Vitality Complex

Hormone Optimizer


Frequently Asked Questions

Black Ox is Enhanced Labs' strong and potent iteration of what testosterone boosters should be. Backed by scientific research and clinically dosed ingredients, it's designed to enhance male health and performance to the next level. This formula optimizes testosterone levels, supporting muscle growth, strength, and overall vitality.

Blue OX and Black Ox are distinct supplements designed to boost testosterone and support overall health. Blue OX utilizes 9 pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, focusing on natural testosterone production and anti-estrogen benefits, while Black Ox incorporates 11 scientifically vetted formula, emphasizing hormone balance and physical performance, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Black Ox works through multiple pathways, initiating various physiological processes such as using DHEA as a precursor to testosterone and more:

  • Hormone balance
  • Improved bone density
  • Better immune health
  • Regulated mood & energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Increased muscle-building capacity
  • Improved metabolism & fat loss

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules twice daily or as directed by your physician.

Staying within the recommended dosage helps mitigate any undesirable effects. Black Ox is well tolerated and should be used as recommended.

Black Ox is designed for men. Women should consult a medical professional before use.

Yes, Black Ox can be stacked with other Enhanced Labs supplements, providing a compounding synergistic boost.